Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fresh, Fit, and Over 50 – A Journey to Great Health and Longevity

Growing “OLD” doesn’t have to be a “life sentence”. We can actually extend the years and make them into gratifying, energetic years by taking care of our bodies and protecting them from those very things that cause aging in the first place.

As we age, our bodies are more susceptible to a variety of illnesses and diseases, including respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, obesity, depression, more frequent accidental injuries, teeth and mouth conditions, and the list goes on – all of which are preventable! 

Arthritis, for instance, is the leading chronic condition that affects us as we age. Although wear and tear on the body’s joints is inevitable over time, there are ways to better manage and live a practically pain free lifestyle. Heart disease is another condition that is more common as we age. In fact, it is the leading cause of death, BUT it too is preventable. 

Diet and lifestyle are important parts to sustaining longevity and feeling good as we age. Properly nourish the body by incorporating minimally processed and nutrient-dense wholefoods, and hydrate the body by drinking lots of water. Treat yourself to daily low-impact cardio and stretching, and engage in strength and resistance training several times a week. This will allow you to actively improve on your flexibility, balance, and core while keeping your body in tip-top shape. Enhance your ability to move freely as you grow older so you can stay off the rocker! It can be done!

While treatment is helpful, prevention is key. Frequently get screened. Check your blood work. Understand your body and your individual risks for different diseases before they sneak up on you. The sooner you become familiar with your health, the sooner you can take control and heal your body.

Having a good mental attitude is just as important as having great physical health. A healthy mind is absolutely necessary for keeping a healthy body. The mind is the operator for the machinery. The less stress your operator is under, the smoother your machinery will perform. Take time for rest and relaxation, and minimize your stress.

You are in control of your health. By incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, self-awareness, and stress management into your everyday routines, you can significantly reduce and slowdown the otherwise inevitable consequences of aging.

I now invite you to join me on my journey to a longer and healthier life over 50.

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