Monday, July 18, 2016

Exercise Is More Important Than Ever After 50

As we grow older, exercise becomes more important than ever. Regular exercise helps boost energy, strengthen bones and muscles, with flexibility, mobility, and balance, and prevent injury. Exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight by increasing metabolism and burning more calories. The impact that exercise has on the body is tremendous, especially as we age. When the body is in shape and running at optimum, immune function improves, which helps reverse chronic illness and disease. Exercise helps improve digestive function heart health, and bone density. It’s also great for managing stress, improving brain function, memory, and mood, which can also help reduce chronic pain. Exercise is one of the key ingredients to slowing down the aging process, and improving overall health. Happy, healthy longevity is the result!

There is no real excuse not to exercise at any age. It’s true that certain limitations, such as physical disabilities, can alter the type of exercise or the frequency. But even with these circumstances, exercise is still a key ingredient to healing and health. Exercise is not limited to the gym or track either. There are numerous ways to get physical movement into your daily routine. Exercises can be done from a chair, the bed, on the floor, standing up, in the tub, in the car - the possibilities are endless. The idea is to consistently get the body moving and breathing on a daily basis. You don’t have to be a gym rat, yogi, or super athlete to benefit from exercise.

Me doing Leg Press, April 2016

Remember the five essential elements for living? Oxygen was the first element. Exercise is one of the key activities to increasing oxygen. Plus, exercise can be fun! Start out slow, but keep challenging yourself to do more and push yourself, being careful not to injure yourself in the process. The more you exercise and push yourself to improve, the better your results, and the better you will look and feel!

My 53-year old husband doing Squats, April 2016

Some of the best physical activities for people over 50 to participate in are yoga, swimming, dancing, walking, and my new favorite - weight lifting. Weight lifting is something that I can do with my husband; it’s easy to set goals where I can measure the improvements. I still enjoy the other activities I mentioned, but weight lifting for me is my new “longevity key”!

When choosing an exercise activity, it’s important that they include opportunities for improved flexibility and mobility, non-strenuous cardio for better breathing and endurance, as well as movements that can build strength in both the bones and muscles. Most of all, the activity should be safe and fun so that you stay with it and make it a part of your regular routine.

Me doing Chest Press, April 2016

Here is a short list of helpful websites on the topic of exercising over the age of 50. I hope you take the time to read through some of the great information that is available, and use this article to inspire you to start your own personal exercise regime, if you haven’t already. “So let’s get moving!”

My husband doing Flat Bench Chest Press, April 2016

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