Sunday, July 17, 2016

The 5 Essentials to Living

The value of life can be easily determined by five basic necessities for survival: water, oxygen, food, shelter, and sleep. If these essential needs are not properly met, it can greatly affect your health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Oxygen is one of the most basic and necessary elements for life. Good quality air can provide the body with the oxygen needed to maintain the brain and cells. Avoid areas with smoke and other air pollutants. Surround yourself with fresh air every chance possible.

In addition to oxygen, water is most essential for living. A healthy human body could barely survive 3 to 4 days without water. Without water the body will dehydrate, and blood supply will greatly reduce and thicken. As blood thickens, it’s harder for oxygen to be carried to the brain. Water is also needed to help cleanse and replenish the cells, help carry nutrients to the various parts of the body, and so forth. Our bodies are made of mostly water – about 70%. A chronically dehydrated body greatly impairs its ability for a quality life.

The human body needs quality food to sustain. The body can actually survive for several days, or even weeks, without food. It's able to do this since it will use the reserves of fat in the body, and then eventually the glycogen reserves in the liver and the proteins in the muscles. However, the quality of these reserves for survival are dependent on the overall health and balance of the body. Food is essential. Not just any kind of food, but nutritious food. Food that includes the micro and macro nutrients needed for the body to heal, grow, and thrive. These nutrients from the food consumed impact your skin, bones, muscles, organs, brain function, sex drive, nervous system, and every essential part of the body’s ability to function.

Shelter or protection from the elements is also essential to life. Protecting your body from over exposure to the outside elements such as bad weather, extreme temperatures, poor air quality, too much sun rays, impure water, dangerous people, animals, and drugs, and stressful environments in general all fall under protecting yourself with proper shelter.

And lastly, sleep. Although sleep requirements truly vary from person to person, sleep deprivation can cause a myriad of problems, so the more sleep or restful sleep one receives, the better off your health will be. Sleep can be a challenging need for those over 50, or who have stressful lifestyles. However, just remember, without enough sleep brain function is impaired greatly, which can affect many other important body functions necessary to thrive. So check with your medical professional to determine the right amount of hours for restful sleep you need on a regular basis. Personally, from what I’ve researched, be sure to get at least 6 to 7 hours of restful sleep, if not more. Naps can also be effective throughout the day. We can learn from the animal kingdom just how beneficial naps are.

Taking proper care to maintain these 5 essentials to living is what we need to focus on in order to live physically healthy, quality lives. The quality of these things greatly impacts the aging process. Healthy living results in graceful aging, and longevity. An unhealthy body will age poorly, suffering from disease, organ failure, and early death. Take time to consciously manage these 5 essentials daily – it’s your life!

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